We have a full service repair department for guitars and amplifiers.  Below is a list of our guitar repair prices. 
For amp repair quotes and any other inquiries, please call us at 425-775-8188.

Guitar Repair
Restring, Tune and Polish (Strings not included)
6 String Guitar or Bass (non-locking Tremelo) $25.00
6 string Guitar with locking Tremolo $35.00
12 String $35.00
Complete Setup (Strings not included)
Setup 6 string Acoustic $75.00
Setup 12 string Acoustic $80.00
Setup Elect. Non-Locking Trem. $75.00
Setup Elect. Locking Trem $85.00
Replace Nut
Replace with Graphite or Bone nut $75.00
12 Strings Graphite or Bone Nut $100.00
Acoustic Saddles
Replace with Pre-cut Plastic $30.00
Replace with Graphite or Bone $50.00
12 String $65.00
Compensated Saddle $100.00
Acoustic Bridge Work
Re-Glue Bridge $75 Min
Replace Bridge $125 min
Level and Crown $150.00
Re-Fret (Unbound) $400 min
Re-Fret (Bound) $450 min
Lacquered Maple Fingerboard $350 min
Electronic Work
Install Pickup      $35 & up
Replace Jack           $25 & up
Replace Switch $30 & up
Add coil tap or phase switch $40.00
Install end pin jack  $30.00
Install end pin jack in F-Hole $40.00
Router Work
Please call for a Quote
Replace tuners $40.00 & up
Broken head stock $70 min
Glue and cleat cracks (per inch) Call for quote